Motorcycle 101: Top 7 motorcycle brands in the world

People who prefer to avoid traffic prefer to buy motorcycles instead of cars. Motorcycles are known to be less expensive and are easier to maintain compared to cars. They are also convenient if you want to beat traffic and save up on gas. 

With the abundance of motorcycle brands to choose from, finding the best motorcycle that will cater to your preference can be overwhelming. To help you narrow down your list, Vintage Indian provides you with this list of the top motorcycle brands in the world:


Every rider had at least one Honda. Honda has established itself as a go-to brand for commuter bikes and long-distance tourers alike. The brand has also shown time and time again that it can deliver cutting-edge technology and bikes that do more than just get you to where you want to go. Honda’s XL750 Transalp is the latest in a succession of bikes with a focus on long-distance motorway riding and can also be used for occasional off-road mountain trails.


From its humble beginnings in postwar Japan, Yamaha has always been one of the go-to choices for fans of motorbikes. Aside from regular riders, Yamaha has also dominated the motorbike racing world, claiming a total of 39 world titles and 210 Isle of Man TT victories. Yamaha’s off-road motorbikes were the first to use mono shock technology, and the company’s top-of-the-line R1 bikes are designed for the racecourse.


Aprilia is the home of exceptional Italian superbikes that are well-loved across the world. The brand’s RSV4 Factory Time Attack is a well-performing bike that both casual and pro riders can enjoy. This notable model from Aprilia has proven itself time and time again on the world motocross circuit, with multiple track entries and increasing levels of success which makes it even more popular.


When it comes to the top motorbike manufacturing in Germany, BMW is unrivalled. BMW started its business in 1901 and made its first motorcycles in 1923. Throughout World War One, they consistently produced quality motorcycles. BMW’s flagship motorbike is the S1000RR, a high-performance sports bike that is used by various riders from different countries.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield was established in the English Midlands in 1901 and is now one of India’s largest and best motorbike exporters. Its stylish and traditionally-designed motorcycles have won over many fans. The brand’s Super Meteor 650 is regarded as one of the sleekest and most quality motorbikes in the world. This beautiful motorbike is propelled by a rare parallel twin engine, and its authentic heritage is reflected in the badge.


Kawasaki was established in 1939 and is a popular Japanese manufacturer. In 1963, they started to build motorcycles in addition to aircraft and other vehicles. The Ninja and the KLR are the two most common Kawasaki motorcycles that are popular among various types of motorcycle fans. When it comes to quality yet affordable motorcycles, Kawasaki is a top choice for new riders.


Ducati is the most recognised Italian motorcycle company. The firm, now owned by Audi, began producing bikes in 1929. Ducati’s V-twin engines are one of the most popular features of Ducati motorcycles. The two-cylinder engines are a nice touch to go along with their unique Italian styling which makes their motorbikes sleek and unique.

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